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Older Films
Home Run
(ca 2.5 mb) was an entry for a short film festival --Parkgewusel 06-- in Vienna.

a 2010 remake in ToonBoom Animate (fragment, low res)
(ca 6 mb)
Bus Stop
(ca 4.3 mb)

A competition entry for a video clip for the newest 'Fantastischen Vier' song, not sent due to unfortunate circumstances
(ca 9 mb).

A reflective animation film (ca 5 minutes) about life, love, and death. It will be a sort of a music video for the Adagio Sostenuto (the first part of the 'Moonlight Sonata') by L. v. Beethoven.
A draft phase (storyboards).

A competition for comics and animation films for polish internet portal commercials. Second prize for the entry 'Wybor' ('The choice')
(ca 4 mb).
Bassus Krachus Saga

A completely nutty animatics/animation project of the --MacUser Forum--. German language. No comment.
(ca 2 mb/ ca 9 mb)
Beach Bitch

Gester's first short animation film from 1998. Drawn by hand, then digitalized with the use of Take-2 software on Amiga platform and videotaped (thanks to Thomas Renoldner from the austrian section of --Association International du Film d'Animation--).
It requires definitely a remake... (ca 8 mb)