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The previous episodes have been removed and the new ones have been endowed with sound, according to the suggestion of Bla (thanks a lot, kid). The bundle of the first 3 episodes is now online: 'homerun' on --YouTube-- and on --Vimeo--, 'ride' on --YouTube-- and on --Vimeo--, 'stroll' on --YouTube-- and on --Vimeo--.

The second episode 'ride' is now on --YouTube-- and on --Vimeo--.

The cartoon series in a new look is already here. In order to be compatible with international billboards and other advertisement screens the short animations don't have an audio track. The first episode named 'homerun' has been uploaded to --YouTube-- and to --Vimeo--.

Gester comes back again. The cartoon series is now well under way. The first episode, made with the use of the Toon Boom Animate Pro software, will soon be uploaded to YT and other community channels.

Gester starts a new project: short porn stories drawn in a naturalistic way. The limited resolution pictures are available under: 'Drawn Erotic Stories' on the <Home> page. The access will be provided for free. By requesting the access the users automatically admit they are over 18 years of age.
The high resolution pictures can be ordered for a fee upon request.

A new graphic story appears: --'Time that was... death'--.

The launch of v3.

Another long pause, spent on architectural activities and on working out of a new commercial project --MovingMascots--, also on the creating of the polish and english versions of the graphic roman: --'The real metamorphosis (or: what Franz Kafka had no idea about)'--. gester comes back again.

After a longer absence, after completing of the graphic roman: 'The real metamorphosis (or: what Franz Kafka had no idea about)', appearance of the story --'Komm mit mir'-- in the second --Jazam vol.2-- of the german Comic Forum, and a few private turbulences, gester comes back, although within severer time constraints.

The official launch of v2, with a two months' delay.

The new version of the whole site design gets just worked on. The presumable relaunch due end of March 2007.

Tha naked truth behind the Franz Kafka's --'Die Verwandlung' (The Metamorphosis)-- (the first graphic story by gester) starts online at Details under: <Images>/<Novels>.

Two graphic stories get announced. One of them, --'Die Fee' - 'A good fairy'--, came out as a part of a german comic forum --Fanzine--. See pages under: <Images>/<Novels>.

A film series consisting of many small animations is being born. It's currently the top priority production by gester. Details under: <Animations>/<Series>.

A caricature of the writer Ion Luca Caragiale has won one of the 'Excellency Prizes' in Romania. The PDF document link is under: <History>/<Recensions>. The caricature itself is under: <Images>/<Pictures>.

A storyboard for a commercial on environment protection is now under: <Images>/<Storyboards>.

Among gester's service references there is now a drawing lesson with an example. Everything under: <Commercial>/<References>.

From now on gester offers his services: 2d animations (using Wacom tablet), storyboards, layouts and drawing lessons. Details under: <Commercial>/<Offer>. (OBSOLETE)

That's the last thing we needed... Gester's next big project: a graphic sequel to the film 'Casablanca' (so we went completely nuts). We don't know yet whether it'll still be Bogey with Ingrid, but the plot is being drafted already.

First episode of a nutty animation project 'Bassus Krachus Saga' is under: <GesterToons>/<OldStuff>. The second episode follows shortly.

A few more or less known heads are now under: <Images>/<Pictures>.

Well... due to coming Easter our Santa Claus has been banned to: <Animations>. We encountered much resistance, though... (OBSOLETE, we've got rid of him finally).

The project 'Necklace' gets started, details under: <GesterToons>/<OldStuff>.

Actually, our Santa Claus should have shown up earlier and with more dignity here, but he kinda managed to slip out beyond our control. As we don't have time to hunt him all over our site, we'll tolerate his small animated jokes as long as he keeps out of mischief.

Current comments are under: <news> (OBSOLETE, <news> is not being run anymore...), general ones under: <Contact>.

A part of the 'Phantastudio' legacy has been placed under: <History>/<OldStuff>.

The official launch of the