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MovingMascots - Brand identifier concept

In the face of the emerging trends of individualism and spiritualism, marketing has to be defined a-new. The propositions of persuasion and manipulation were valid in the times of products for anonymous consumers. The future (and also the present day already) belongs to individual goods that will be produced in co-operation between vendors and their clients, who'd thus become the co-creators, aka prosumers.


The market control goes gradually to the consumers, who actively participate in the production process and who choose their favourite brands. The brand identification and brand creation that predeterminate this choice will be of vital importance for the vendors. Values which can be associated with their brand are the most important assets of a producer, and the brand identification and growing brand liking are their desired market qualities.


Gester's concept is called 'MovingMascots'. It utilizes the established trends for advertising and marketing. It is supposed to visually bind the vendor's values of market philosophy with his brand identification in an entertaining way. Existing or to-be-created branding figures will be digitalized and animated in short (few seconds long) commercial spots in a 2D technique. The basic animation principles and choreography will be defined in a storyboard by mutual agreement.


The prosumers will meet the moving characters and mascots during the symposia, events and corporate presentations. The films will have a form of MovingMascots sequences displayed in a loop for minutes or for hours. Consequently, the generated subconscius images and associations will subtly contribute to the client's emotional relationship with the brand.