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Graphic Novels

Time that was... death

A dark story about a man's life after the divorce.
6 pages, b/w. Finished.

The real metamorphosis (or: what Franz Kafka had no idea about)

Based on the famous Franz Kafka's story <The Metamorphosis>.
It gets extended by the layers that go way beyond the time and the space scope. The story starts in the far past, continues there, switches then to the presence, next to the future, and in the end gets set up to be continued at any time in the history in the next volumes.
84 pages, partly color. Finished.
This gester's first graphic novel work starts in parts in an online magazine LOA at from the issue number 20 on.
A PDF document with all pages in smaller resolution can be downloaded under <Goodies>.

Die Fee (A good fairy)

A magical story about a good fairy, who repairs many people's lives.
7 pages, b/w. Finished.
Came out as one of the contributions to the --jazam vol.1-- of a german --comic forum--.

Komm mit mir... (Come with me...)

A short story about a stressed yuppie whose ski holiday gets turned into a fatality by a female demon.
6 pages, b/w. Finished.
Should have come out as one of the contributions to the Parabolica vol. 2 at the small artists' publishing house, but has come out in summer 2007 as a contribiution to the --jazam vol.2-- of a german --comic forum-- instead.

Parallele Linien (Parallel lines)

The story about a young art student, who is practicing methods of awareness extension and, in course of them, gets beamed into the history of Vienna by a couple of shamen. He experiences old sagas and legends, then real criminal cases from the past, first passively, but then gradually in an active and passionate way. These actions are supposed to make him more sensitive and to improve his art but in the end they almost kill him. It's a homage to Vienna and to the Art.
59 pages, b/w. In preparation.

Maria Magdalena

The biblical story being told in a different way. Bases on the dialogues between Jesus and Maria Magdalena,who becomes the linchpin of all the followers. Maria and her fellow women are full-fledged disciples who play an important role in the doctrine. Maria is in for the leadership of the whole group after Jesus is gone...
40 pages, b/w. In preparation.

Attention:  Considering the radical use of the original biblical contents and the present Brussels' events, Gester decides to stop this project unless a usable alternative option emerges. We won't trample down the lying one.